I’m Damaris and I’m a Personal Stylist.

A little dreamer a little “visionary” I have always believed in the possibility of realizing your dreams!

Clothes have attracted me since I was a child, when I loved to buy them for my Barbie and Bratz (who remembers them ??) that I dressed and changed for every single occasion!

I graduated in Communication and attended various courses such as: Visual Merchandising, Graphic Design, Copywriting and Image Consultant and Personal Shopper.

In 2017 I moved from Italy to England to broaden my horizons and to satiate my curiosity and thirst for knowledge! I worked in various clothing stores as a sales assistant both in Italy and in England while at the same time I devoted myself to various courses and I currently work as a Personal Stylist in one of the biggest stores in England.

I love travelling (and learn new languages, I speak Spanish, English and a little Portuguese), monotony is not for me, patterns still less, I feel a free spirit.


What will you find in my blog?

You will find fashion advices and self development content as I think that the external beauty must be the reflection of an internal well-being.

I let myself be inspired by everything that surrounds me: by books (I love reading), by films, by magazines, by people and landscapes… I like vintage fashion that brings me back to the ancient atmospheres, ancient feelings, ancient knowledge.

Well sometimes not so ancient but they are enough to transport you to other worlds, make some values ​​and thoughts your own. England has been my lever in this! Here it is full of vintage shops, the phenomenon itself is deeply felt and there is no shortage of dedicated events!

I love personal well-being and I would like this to be a world of fulfilled people.

Realized in work, in relationships, in life.

This is why I start from here, I start from you, from your image and your dreams. I start with clothing because I believe that feeling in your shoes is the first step to achieving your dreams!

For this I say to you:
get out of the box, find yourself and follow your dreams!